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Question What 64GB RAM config for 2970wx?


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Aug 24, 2019
I am looking to build a 2970wx system and here are the main specs that I have chosen:
ASUS X399E- Gaming (or) Zenith Extreme Alpha
GeForce 2080 Super

I get confused a lot when it comes to RAM speeds and CL timings, quad channel, dual channel configs, etc.
I am looking to put in 64GB of memory (preferably RGB from Corsair or G.Skill), but I am not sure what configuration and CL timings to get.
Should i go with 16x4 or 8x8? What speeds and CL timings are good for those?
I tried visiting the QVL for the mobo, but I am not getting a definitive answer.

My main purpose of the build would be 3D modeling, CPU and GPU rendering and very minimal gaming.

Please help me out tech gurus!


Jul 18, 2003
I'd go with this one from the QVL document.

CORSAIR CMD128GX4M8A2666C15(Ver4.31)(XMP) 128GB ( 8x 16GB )

They qualified 128GB at 1.2V, so I'd do 16GBx4 configuration. This leaves you room for expansion and puts you on the safe side of getting a 64GB configuration up and running. Corsair kits at any speed grade are on the list for 16GBx4, but they require more voltage for stability.
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