Went insane today...

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Apr 3, 2002
Originally posted by: minus1972
wow....and the @ssholes come out of the woodwork.

In all seriousness man, it sounds like you should seek professional help. I know that it may seem like it will only make the situation worse, but it's the first step towards actually feeling better. That or an incredible ammount of self control are the best ways to handle how you're feeling IMO. We all have our bad days, but if they start to string together and become a health problem, you should get help before it gets worse.
That's exactly what I was thinking, especially the @sshole part.
Give the kid a break everybody. Don't you remember what it was like in high school. I was never this bad but I had a lot of friends that were.

Don't worry idNut, it will pass. Just stay strong and consider getting help.


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Jan 9, 2001
Originally posted by: CorporateRecreation
Of all the people telling you to get medicine and go see a shrink, here comes the voice of reason: get over it. I am not trying to be an asshole, but we've all been there man, and whining about it is not going to help. In case you weren't informed, life sucks all the time, there is no higher ground, the next chunk of your life will be spent working long hard days, so just buck up and get used to it. Also, if you are in high school and you think it's driving you insane, don't bother with college.
We've all dealt with it? Speak for yourself, I've never blacked out in class. Have you blacked out in class? Yeah, we've all felt (and feel) stressed and overwhelmed by life, but this kid is having physical problems.

As for college, I somehow see going to class 3 hours a day or less as being a positive change for someone in his position.