Welcome to the Seti Team - New Members since 1:00 PM CDT Feb 9th (+3, -1, = 1,987) FINAL REPORT


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Jan 3, 2001
Welcome to Team AnandTech SETI! :D

We are now 1,987 members strong. :)

I would like to introduce our newest members:

1 ---- aznmc16 ---- New ---- 0
2 ---- Nate LaFerle ---- New ---- 269
3 ---- (#41)DanFungus #2 - Check your SETI EMAIL BOX! ---- New ---- 0

--- I
o333 ---- Gone -137

Attention: New Members that are having trouble signing up!

The servers are having some bandwidth problems on the University of California ? Berkeley Campus and you may have difficulty getting your new SETI installations up and running. This is not your fault. You are probably doing everything right but until the bandwidth is restored you may not be able to complete your installation. It has been reported that things should become better between 4:00 AM CDT into the early morning. Try again during those hours. And be sure to cache plenty of WUs when are able to contact Seti At Home. ;)

These New Members have joined since 1:00 PM CST. Let's give a warm Team AnandTech welcome to our ?Rookie Class of February 9th, 2002?

We like to recommend that all of our new members go to the following link and use the Preferred Method 2 Installation: SETI Help and Installation

We hope you drop by often and say hello. :)