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Question Weird problem with 2 monitors, looped videos and applications


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Jan 29, 2005
Very specific situation, I'll try to explain briefly.

I have two monitors, both work fine. I set one as 'main', other is secondary. I play my games on the main one. And whenever I want to keep an eye on something else while I play I'd put something like a browser window on my second monitor and let the news play there, or maybe something on Twitch, or whatever it is I want to keep an eye on, I put it there. Just an example here. Alright so in some cases I put music or videos on my second monitor using VLC Media Player, and I mention this program since it is the one I use for pretty much all forms of media I use.

So let's say I have some music clip in video form and I make it loop as I play whatever game I play during that time, with the looping function on VLC Media Player that is. So the looping function itself works just fine, no problems there. But here's the thing, on my main monitor I would have a game running, in full screen mode.

Ok, so here's the problem when those two conditions are going on at the same time (I.E. game running full screen on main monitor, and looping video on the second monitor):

- As soon as the video loops on my 2nd monitor, the game that's running full screen on my main monitor suddenly minimizes itself out to the Desktop. And remains minimized; I.E. doesn't go back full screen after the looping occurs, I have to manually left-click the game's icon to make it go back full screen; but it minimizes itself again on the next loop.

It keeps doing that for as long as I let said video looping. If I don't loop it and the video comes to its end normally and stops, then the game stays full screen on the main monitor without a problem. It's just when I loop my videos.

I'd like to find a solution to this, if anyone could suggest anything, let me know.



Aug 25, 2001
That sounds like a VLC problem, with "stealing focus" once the video loops back around again.

Google "PC gaming stealing focus", you might find some interesting tips and tricks.
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