Weird iTunes issue


Senior member
Mar 3, 2003
Ok, I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea about this.

I have been trying for the past two days to get iTunes to burn a CD of some songs that I downloaded and imported. Each time it would get part way into the first song (about 5 seconds) and then spit the disc out. I tried messing with various settings, nothing. I closed all programs but iTunes and some other necessary ones, no go. I reran ForceASPI (using Win2K btw), still nothing. Checked to make sure DMA was activated, it was. I finally decided to try an extreme measure and did a firmware upgrade on my drive (Samsung SW-224B) and for some reason it now works perfectly. I've never heard of this before, why would the drives firmware make iTunes fail like that? I didn't have any problems before using other programs to burn CDs (except for Musicmatch but thats a different issue entirely).

If anyone has any clue as to why this might have been, let me know... just curious as to why the firmware would be an issue (of course, thats just speculation, my system could just be screwed up and the firmware has nothing to do with it).