Question weird hdd issues


Mar 9, 2018
I have linux server with an 3tb seagate hdd.
f few weeks ago that hdd started misbehaving and now it doesn't gets detected anymore.
I've put it in a usb3 to sata case and connected it to another system and it works.
I've inserted a 1TB seagate to that server and works ok.
switched the sata cable just in case but it still doesn't work on the problematic hdd.
the case is Antec VSK2000-U3, not sure what is the psu, I think it is at least 200watts

the mb has another sdd which has not issues

should I get a new hdd? new psu?

Tech Junky

Diamond Member
Jan 27, 2022
If it were the PSU you'd have more issues than a single HDD.

My personal view is not to use Seagate because they have issues all of the time and die w/o warning.

I would get a 8TB WD Red and move all data to that and toss the Seagate's aside or drill them and recycle them.