Weird Bluetooth problems on my Nokia 8.3 5G


May 19, 2011
What works:
Pairing my old Moto G5 to my Nokia 8.3 and sending a file from the G5 to the Nokia.
Pairing my Nokia 8.3 to the Nokia E1200 headphones, playback is fine

What doesn't work
Pairing my Nokia 8.3 to my old Moto G5 (doesn't matter which way around the pairing is) and sending from my Nokia to the Moto G5.
Pairing my Nokia 8.3 to my PC's USB bluetooth adapter and sending from the Nokia to the PC.

Seemingly it's basically sending files from my Nokia that's the problem. Two odd things occur:

1 - Pairing any device (except the headphones) with my Nokia 8.3, as far as the Nokia 8.3 is concerned, results in a successful pairing but disconnects within a second.
2 - Sending files from my nokia 8.3 (e.g. Photos app, share file, bluetooth, specify bt device, then nothing happens, goes straight back to the Photos app as if the bt request hadn't occurred. The receiving device has no record of the transaction, nor does the Nokia 8.3.