Week 11 BCS standings / Predictions


Apr 22, 2002
the BCS standings are up... no big suprises:

1) USC
2) Texas
3) Alabama
4) Miami
5) Penn State
6) Virginia Tech
7) LSU
8) OSU

As a Penn State fan, I must evaluate our Rose Bowl chances (slim to none, as shown below)

What must happen for PSU to move to rank 2 BCS?
LSU loses to Alabama ? This will move us ahead of LSU in Harris & USA Today Polls

Alabama loses to Auburn ? This will move us ahead of Alabama

Penn State beats MSU by a large margin ? This will move us to 2nd in computer ranking

Miami loses to GA Tech ? (Very unlikely)

USC loses to either UCLA, Cali, or Fresno (Doubtful, but could happen since all three are decent teams)


My final BCS prediction is:

1) USC
2) Texas
3) Miami
4) PSU
5) LSU

LSU and PSU could be flip-flopped, depending on how badly LSU beats Alabama