Web server on SBC DSL Residential?


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Apr 5, 2001
My stepdad has SBC Residential DSL. It has a dynamic IP. I've found a place that can map a dynamic IP to a fixed address.
Sounds interesting, I can't find anything in the SBC user agreement saying you can't run a web server. However, I haven't found anything saying you can either.

Is residential DSL fast enough to run a web server? I was planning on running WinXP and IIS 5.1 (or whatever it is that comes with XP). How fast is the DNS updated when the IP changes?

Is there any performance test to check to see that the DSL connection is running at optimum bandwidth?

I don't actually have this DSL service at my house, so I don't know that much about it. However, I do run a site which currently is on freehosting. My stepdad bought the DSL contract for 1yr, but he hardly uses the computer that much. He said he wouldn't mind if I ran a server on his machine.

Is this do-able? Practical?


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Feb 26, 2001
Doable? Probably.

But you should check your contract's terms of service.

If it says "No servers allowed" (or anything to that effect), SBC can drop you like a bad habit if they see you hosting anything over that connection.
ISPs vary a bit on this point, and SBC may not care, but I highly doubt it.

HOWEVER, expect that if you do something really dumb, like making the CS 1.4 full update available from your site, and your ISP sees monumental bandwidth usage, not only will they notice, expect that they will come CALLING, with a big fat access bill in hand.


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Oct 22, 1999
Fast enough? Should be depending on how much traffic you get. I have a 128 k upload speed and I transfer over 250 megs a day upstream. Depends on how much traffic you get. If they don't say you can't run servers, I guess you're okay. You might want to check if they blocked port 80 though. A lot of dsl/cable companies have blocked port 80 as a result of webservers and the nimbda virus.