web logic, java ee and third party app login/pass

Sep 29, 2004
We have a third party app. Lets call it Banana. Banana needs a username and password for us to log into it.

We need to Access Banana from a Java EE app.

The Java EE App is going to be hosted by Web Logic.

Is there a way for Web Logic to store the login/pass data and for our application to access that data?

So the login/password flow that I am in need of is:
Web Logic -> Java code (Java EE app)

I am trying to avoid writing my own encryption and using a flat file.


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Jun 2, 2009
Why not just have a login in Java EE app and then send the credentials to banana? Storing them at a second place, especially unencrypted is a absolute no-go.

Ideally you have SSO but then yeah maybe banana doesn't even support that but doesn't hurt to ask supplier. Also maybe it has an API?
Jun 18, 2000
You have the entire Fusion Middleware platorm or just vanilla weblogic? FMW comes with a framework called the Credential Store. You store encrypted passwords in it and retrieve them through an api.

There's an administrative console for maintenance and rotation. And i think you can use the weblogic scripting tool if you need to update it from the command line, say if the port is blocked outside the app server.

edit: Just saw this thread is a month old. Man this sub is dead. Hope you got an answer already.:eek:
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