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Web based games for entire classroom to play together


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Feb 22, 2008
Our school went 1:1 this year with devices, so every kid has a chromebook with them at all times. As a reward for doing well on our last test Im gonna let them have some game time on the chromebooks after we finish our work tomorrow (like 10-20 mins).

Anybody have any ideas for a fun game that everyone can kinda play together, but separately? I remember being in college and during one of our unbearable courses every kid would have family feud open playing by ourselves, but we would also be able to see everyone elses scores.

Maybe a game like http://agar.io/ would be cool if we could run our own room or something like that? Just something so everyone is able to play with each other. So pretty much a lanparty game that is playable with a chromebook.

Lemme know what you all think.


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Jul 7, 2011
Chromebooks? Might not even have enough "oomph" for Roblox...

Worse, most online games will require each person to create an online account (although I see a lot of "guest" accounts in Roblox) and there might not be any guarantee of the whole class getting in, let alone without any strangers.

Your earlier suggestion of everyone playing the same web game and comparing scores would certainly work... I remember there used to be lots of great kid-safe stuff on candystand.com...
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