weapons of mass seduction


Oct 9, 1999
Bah I don't need no stinking advice on the art of seduction.......... I also don't want to register to read it


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Jan 23, 2004
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post the text :)

hmmm...considering its 18+ chapters, each with at least several thousand words, I think that might be a bit much. I could post the intro tho...


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Jan 23, 2004
heres the intro - lots of the formatting is gone...including the links to the others chapers, but you should still get the basic idea. I recommend just logging in to the other forum!


Woah, hold on a second. Weapons?? WTF? Isn't seduction supposed to be a process of love and affection?

HAH! Whatever you say, Romeo.

Take off those rosy sunglasses and you will see that, for the majority of us, the natural process of seduction has become a battlefield of the mind. Seriously, take a good look around you and witness a new generation of introverted cowards who shyt their pants at the mere thought of approaching an attractive woman. Watching some of these guys in action, you'd swear that they were facing heavy enemy fire while running across a field of landmines, rather than talking to a soft, harmless girl!

Yes my people, Generation Chump is in full effect! If you doubt my words really think about the guys you know. My acquaintances tally up to about 1 Real Man out of 10 frustrated boys. That's 10%, yall! Make no mistake, in this age of intellectual castration it is war that we wage! Not against females, but against the social programming that stifles our true nature and sexuality.

Think I am over-reacting? Pffffft! Have you been to the movies in the last few decades? Have you paid attention to the crap that is played on the radio?

Love is The Message
Really listen to the ideas you are being fed while you are "entertained". You will see that the same message is repeated over and over, shameless as any propaganda.

"Find your true love...your SOUL MATE...that one person who completes you and you will live happily ever after"

And so everyone scrambles to find their other half with the expectations of a Hollywood reality only to find out that they were chasing a mirage. What a cunning deception! So romantic and appealing that we CHOOSE to stay blind to the truth. Lift the veil of lies and you will see that when you seek happiness and "completion" from someone else, you are just setting yourself up for failure and heart-break!

Then what happens? Your relationship and entire world falls apart, and you are shocked, no DEVASTATED! How can this be? "Woe is me!" Then the dust settles and you think to yourself "Oh damn, I guess she WASN'T my soul mate after all, but hey check THIS girl out. She seems special. Yup she's different!" And so we chase the illusion over and over in a vicious cycle until time quietly slips past us like a thief in the night. Eventually we start to ask the inevitable question. What the hell am I doing with my life? Sadly, most people ask themselves this question when it's far too late!

Technology + Laziness = Isolation
With all the conveniences and distractions of a modern society, we have become expert Time Wasters. Think not? Riddle me this. How many hours of your life are spent in front of a TV or computer? Since you have found this post, I am willing to bet that you spend more than 4 hours a day living your life through a screen. It is time to shake off your long slumber and wake up. Can't you see how the Media has succeeded in dominating your awareness, molding your mind to conform to their status quo and robbing you of your reality?

Man, I don't know about you, but I am concerned with the direction society is heading. More and more people have stopped living life in favor of watching it! How ridiculous is this? Reality TV has become more popular than reality! What is going on here? Is life now a spectator sport? Damn, no wonder people are scared shytless of being social. It has become uncharted territory for them. But hey, put them in a room with a TV or a Playstation and they are fvcking pros at that!

The distraction doesn't stop there, either. Oh no my friend. The media machine is just getting started actually. I mean they have to get disgustingly rich, right? So they wage these billion-dollar campaigns against us with their glossy false promises. Read between those lines and you get the following message:

"Keep searching for happiness outside yourself because once you become fulfilled, you are no longer profitable to our corporate agenda"

And so the industries are built. From sexy ads to porn, there's a lot of profit to be made off of such widespread repression. Sex sells! Hell, people are paying good money to learn how to seduce, something we should all be doing naturally! WTF????!!

Am I the only one getting angry here?
Doesn't the fact that you are have been lied to your whole life infuriate you?


Anger is excellent fuel for transformation..and I get the feeling some of you need a nice kick in the ass in order to apply what I am about to drop here.

The Challenge
You have already wasted too much time. You don't have another moment to spare! So I dare you to eliminate your distractions for one week. No TV, video games, or casual internet browsing for 7 days. Yes, I am serious! And, no, I am not suggesting you become Amish and never watch TV again. Don't be ridiculous.

Think of this as a test of your will power and an opportunity to live your life in good old fashioned reality. Connect to your roots and think back to the days when all a man had for entertainment were great stories and the pleasure of a friend's company. For those of you who work or study in front of a computer, try to take some time off. If you can't, then don't worry, you can still log on and do your thang but when you are on your own free time, turn off all your screens and either relax, do something constructive, or best of all, socialize.

It will be hard at first and you might fall prey to your old habits. But understand that these habits are destructive and sometimes it takes drastic measures for you to change. I know because I have taken this challenge myself. I went on a Media Fast for 1 month and I got so much done in that time that I haven't looked back since. I never watch TV. except to rent a flick once in a blue moon, and the only time I spend on my computer is to create art, music, and write crazy shyt like this. It was hard the first couple of days and yes, I did cave a few times. But I did it and so can you!

Yes it's true, I actually have faith in you, a person I have never met and probably never will. Why? Because the fact that you are reading this sentence right now shows me that on some level, you realize that you are a soldier in the struggle against a mediocre existence. You coulda stayed in a comfortable world of quiet desperation, yet you chose to improve yourself. Congrats on taking control of your life!

A lot of you are just beginning your journey. Many forks in the road await you and how you choose will determine the type of man you will become. Like right now. At this very moment you are faced with a choice:

(1) Keep reading this series and agree/disagree with what I have to say from the comfort of your keyboard. (crickets chirping)
(2) Act on the knowledge given and post feedback with some actual experience under your belt. (Wild applause)

To quote the great Bruce Lee:

"Knowing is not enough. You must APPLY"
"Willing is not enough. You must DO"

It is with this spirit that I hope you will continue on. I admit very little of this material is original since I did not invent the game. I did learn a lot from others though and I do give credit in the "Mad Props" thread below, so don't bother flaming me for plagiarism. Everything I am about to share has been personally field tested (so I aint just typing out my ass here either!)

All I can say is that the last 10 months has been a crazy adventure for me. I have been taking notes along the way to help me internalize things, and also in hopes that my progress will inspire others to action. I look forward to field reports and any insight you may have to share!

Since you won't be needing your computer for the next week, you might want to print these pages out

The core of your seductive abilities is not made up of a system of techniques. It begins with you!

Destroying Social Phobias - Awaken your social self.
Authentic Confidence - Discover your Full Potential
Essence of Alpha - Master Your Evolution.

I recommend reading these in the order given because there are lots of cross-references. There is a lot of info to digest here, so take baby steps. Spend a few weeks practicing one thing at a time. If you try to tackle all the techniques at once, you won't learn jack sh!t.

1. Empower Your Voice
2. Mastering Body Language
3. Boosting Mind States
4. Always Be Prepared
5. The Power of Detachment
6. Freestyling Street Approaches
7. The Art of Phone Openers
8. Becoming Magnetic
9. Building Rapport
10. Mmmm...Sensuality
11. Hitting the Clubs
12. Seducing the Party Girl
13. Seducing the Nice Girl
14. Conversation with an AFC
15. Mad Props

Advanced Chapters - HB9+ Strategies
The Definitive Neg Collection
Diffusing Cockblocks and AMOGs

I mess up a lot. Check out my Crash & Burn stories and learn what not to do!
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