WD My Book 400gb external HDD won't work with my computer


Feb 26, 2006
I bought a Western Digital My Book 400gb external hard drive yesterday. Unfortunately, the drive detests my computer. When I tried copying a 1.4gb avi into it, my computer would lag up badly, then finally show a dialog saying 155 minutes were remaining.. (i.e. really slow write speed). Then when I would cancel the transfer I would get repeated error messages from the taskbar saying the drive couldn't write the data that was now lost. When I try to format the drive to NTFS, I get an error at 100% for normal formatting and just get an error when trying to quick-format. I sometimes also get "USB Device Not Recognized" error messages when plugging in the drive.

On the other hand, my laptop can copy files to the drive and format it just fine. Does anyone have any ideas why my computer won't work but the laptop will?