Question WD Black SN770 or Crucial P5 Plus 1TB Which is better?


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Aug 17, 2023
WD Black SN770 or Crucial P5 Plus 1TB Which is better?

Hello friends, between these 2 ssd disks, which one is better and faster?

Which one will be more reliable and durable?

I don't work editing videos,I don't play video games, I'm a computer programmer.

Which one is better for my work as a programmer?

Which one opens faster any program like Ms Office, etc?

Which is faster when copying large files of many GB, for example 100 GB or more?

Between an SSD like the Samsung 870 Evo and any other sata ssd, the Crucial P5 plus and the Wd Black Sn770, am I going to notice a big difference in my work in programs like Office 2021 and programming?

My motherboard is only Pci 3.0, I know I'm not going to take advantage of the Pci4.0 but I want a fast, reliable and durable drive. According to many reviews on the internet, Wd Black is faster in almost everything.

In the future it is possible that I update the motherboard to take advantage of Pci 4.0.

In normal computing tasks and programming, is the difference in performance and speed noticeable from pci3.0 to pci4.0 or not?

Can you recommend me a better disc than these two but that is not very expensive?

Thanks for your answers friends, I write from Colombia.

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Jan 27, 2022
I have a couple of these. Programming won't see a huge difference in speed as it's not going to be utilizing the speed of the disk unless you're moving data or compiling.

When bursting data though like loading a game I see it hit ~1GB/s but when hammering it with a multi stream data copy I can push it to 3GB/s in a TB enclosure. Since it doesn't have dram on the stick it uses the RAM on the system instead.

Since they're both new drives there's not much in terms.of durability available but the 770 has a 5 year warranty and decent TBW value. The price is decent on 1tb under $100. If you need more space there's the Lexar NM790 that just came out and it's 4tb for about $200. I just picked up 4 of them for use and so far they're pretty decent.
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Feb 26, 2006
I have 2 of the SN770s in my system. 1TB and 2TB. Are they better than the Crucial P5? I don't know about that either way...probably not, but, SO FAR, I'm happy with the performance.
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