Waterblocks for DFI nForce4 SLI-DR


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Jan 4, 2005
Calling all watercooling fiends! Help!

I'm putting together a system revolving around the DFI SLI-DR and need a waterblock for proc (FX-55), vid cards (6800's), and chipset, that's known to fit. DangerDen admits that they don't have one in the works at this time. Bummer, as that was my first choice.

So what's working for you guys? Any mainstream and/or exotics out there that are giving impressive cooling numbers? Is it even necessary to have a chipset cooler with this board?

BTW, money's no object (within reason...no phase changers or peltiers) on the watercool components so go ahead and throw out any kits or individual components. If you're interested in what I've got in the works I'll post it but I didn't want to bore anyone right off the bat. I posted this in the mobo section also to get the most amount of coverage.

Thanks for the help


n yusef

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Feb 20, 2005
Getting a chipset block for this board is hard, and isn't really worth it. All it will do is create resistence and lower flow in your loop. The chipset isn't really that important for overclocking with A64s as the memory controller is on the chip now, so just use the stock HSF, it won't hurt anything. Chipset coolers are worth it if you are trying to avoid noise, but for the absolute highest overclock, adding one to your loop will do nothing but (slight) harm because of the pressure drop that a waterblock and more tubing causes.