Waste time and screw with people, my 2 favorite past times.

Jun 3, 2003
For those unfamiliar, Dodgeit is a website that offers free email addy's to give to potential spammers.

But what some idiots don't realize is that there's:
a) No password needed
b) No delete button

So anyone can get into your account and see whatever you had sent to you. Big whoop. But some people are really, really idiots and sign up for services using a dodgeit email address. If you're intelligent enough, you can see how you can waste time and screw with people.

I don't condone any of this nor have I personally done it. Just making observations as I've been drinking and am bored.


Apr 30, 2004
I use mailinator sometimes, but obviously I don't use it for anything important. I mean, you don't even have to SIGN UP, let alone use a password. They delete after a couple hours though.

You just don't use those services for valuable info...that's what throwaway hotmail accounts are for.