Warning on EK Waterblocks


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Sep 28, 2005

Guys this is a general warning.

EK has had some issues with their blocks.
Reasons arent exactly known yet, but something is causing the plating to fail.

It doesnt just end there, sometimes after plating fails, you will get corrosion.

Now check out my EK X58 FC Nickel block, along with the barbs attached to it, and one of the fittings on my gpu block.......

The reason isnt clear yet, and i wont speculating stuff .

Sidewinders has released an offical statement in regards to EK Plated waterblocks:

If you bought an EK plated waterblock, please open it up and inspect it.
If you bought it at sidewinders prior 60 days, Gary will honor a no questions asked full refund.

It is in your best interest to take this refund... until this entire mess can be sorted out.

Once again, i am not saying all EK blocks are bad.
I am saying recient new batches with nickle plating are failing.

So Please Check your blocks b4 u run into a hobby ending disaster.

Once again.... this only APPLIES TO EK NICKLE blocks.
Koolance, Swiftech, DangerDen, XSPC, AquaComputers, Heatkiller Has yet to report any of the issues EK is experiencing.


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Apr 14, 2007
I 'll check mine in July[blood pressure might be down by then] . will only look down the ports of the mb . block for now, when I put the cpu 370 on ,
- 1 day job + ,removing mb & ek block re & re, + leak testing , that's if the o ring[3] is ok and go's back in and no lost spacers rolling on the floor . cut o ring = a week or two.

too pissed now to look at the gpu's , likely to toss the gpu blocks on my scrap metal pile if I see any issues when I open them up . won't spend a cent on them to ship both ways. at this time even the new EK copper replacements ones will have no value.

-rma my ax1200 - unit only ,and they sent back a full new retail box and cables at least.
an a follow up survey on how well they did with the rma.
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