Warning about the use of "fanboy" and ad hominen attacks

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Jan 25, 2000
I'm putting up a general warning against the use of terms like fanboy or zealot or iFan or phandroid, or any label which is used in threads to say "this person's opinion doesn't count because they are a fanatic".

While it is undoubtedly true that some of the posters in MD&G are very passionate about their gadgets, the use of a label like fanboy as an ad hominem attack (link) is a form of mild personal attack, which is a violation of rule #1 of the Anandtech forum guidelines link, for reference. It's an attempt to discredit the person posting, rather than debate the point they are trying to make. I admit that in the past, our enforcement of this rule has been lax. Sometimes we'd call people on it, but not always, but fanboy is an insult and will be treated as such from now on. Violations will get one warning and then subsequent violations will result in an infraction.

Thanks for your cooperation
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