Warm? Brother 2820 Laser fax/printer-$119.98 possibly $89.98


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Sep 30, 2002
Originally 199.98 - $20 instant rebate so these go out the door for $179.98 at B&M staples or online. I used $30 of $150 coupon from OfficeMax to bring it down to $149.98.

Plus $30 dollar easy rebate from Staples expires 09/02/06.

There is another rebate from Brother for $30 dollars available here. It has the exact same expiration date as Staples. Here's what it says on the page:

*Some retailers administer their own programs and offer the same rebate value
as the Brother Offical Mail-in Rebate. To get a rebate coupon,
visit the location from which you purchase your Brother product.

But since Staples easy rebates do not require UPC label, then there's a chance that this rebate could go through. If it goes through then it will bring the price down to $90 bucks, which I think is pretty hot.

This fax has a USB 2.0 connection so you could hook it up to your PC and use it as an all in one printer. It comes with a starter toner cartridge which is good for 1500 pages.