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Warblade MK II


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Nov 4, 2012
I just want you all to know that Warblade MK II is now in development. Some of you may know of Deluxe Galaga from the Amiga or Warblade from PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad.Deluxe Galaga was a very popular shareware game for the Amiga computer. And 1 of 2 shareware games voted onto the Amiga Report Top 100 games of all times. All other games on the list was commercial games!

Warblade was an updated version of Deluxe Galaga for the PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Warblade MK II is a new game and it will have all new graphics made by a professional artist, new music, new sound effects and lots and lots of new game features. You will be able to create your own levels and upload them to a community server and download/rate other users levels and level packs.

Warblade MK II will be made available for PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android, Linux and hopefully Windows phone 8 too!

If this sounds interesting and you like shoot'em ups / arcade games, please have a look at the new crowd funding page for Warblade MK II over at http://www.ulule.com/warblade-mk-ii/

Presentation video for the project : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYZGEMy0Lus

Developer blog can be found at http://www.emv-software.com

Some images from the game:



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Oct 22, 1999
I'll check it out, thanks.

Oh, just a question. Are you 'Warblade' on the 'RUF' clan server in Battlefield 3 that I see playing? Just curious, as I play there quite a bit, and my current username is 'Wall_St_Thief'.