Want to finally get to the bottom of my speed issue.


Mar 13, 2007
Since I moved away for college and switched ISP's I have encounter many internet related errors. So far I've had to buy a new hard drive in order to clean install my OEM vista just to get my internet up, then I had to buy a new router, and now that I have my internet finally up I'm having problems with speed/streaming.

I'm paying for a 7MB modem, my ISP is roadrunner.

Main problems:

Youtube videos- Even a 30 second stream video pauses at least 5 times to buffer. Yet some videos don't buffer at all. I've tried new and old videos.

DivX videos: I can't stream these at all. They just sit at "buffering 0%" and never seem to go anywhere from there.

Download speed- This morning I downloaded a 30mb driver from NVIDIA that took me over 15 minutes...it had a d speed of around 15kbps.
The only site I ever get decent download speed from is Filefront.com. Their it's around 750kbps. Is this normal? I've never encountered an issue like this with my old ISP. I mean even it's an old file, it would rarely take over 5 minutes to download 50mb.

I've tested my modem speeds, these are the results I got:

@ Speedtest.net
Orlando, FL server(where I live):
150ms 379d / 429u

Atlanta, GA server(over 500 miles away):
65ms 6749d / 471u

@ CNet Bandwidth meter

2781.2 kpbs
3093.3 kbps
2640.8 kbps

@ Speakeasy.net
Atlanta, GA server:
6841d / 433u

Loas Angeles server:
6409d / 261u

I'm using a DGL-4100 router, but I doubt that's the problem considering I've tested my conection with the router and without.
I've updated all the drivers for my network card, I've installed all the needed plug-ins with firefox, I've turned off my Kaspersky security and windows firewall to test, I've reinstalled my browsers.
What else is there left to do? Could it be the modem? I've called my ISP, but they said it's fine...although I don't really believe them.



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Mar 9, 2006
Same boat here, using RR from Brighthouse in Orlando, FL (Actually Oviedo...but close enough). Getting really poor performance, Youtube is almost impossible and downloads in general are really poor compared to what I have had in the past.

Using Speedtest.net, I get the same extremely low bandwidth numbers you do. I don't think it's anything on your end. Matter of fact it appears that its the Orlando Brighthouse area. Check out this Link.

I called Brighthouse about it and they said everything was ok on the cable modem side and suggested eliminate my router....yeah..right.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know your not alone and to stop pouring money into your rig to try and resolve what appears to be an issue with the ISP.


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Aug 8, 2004
If you are getting the speed at ANY site, then your ISP is not the problem. Most likely its either a peering problem somewhere down the pipe that your isp may or may not have control over, or the site is just slow.


Mar 13, 2007
Well this is fantastic, I just googled this problem only to find out I'm not alone on this. Turns out it's the ISP or it's routing server that's responsible for the slow connection speed.
What sucks the most is Brighthouse is the only cable service around my area....it's funny how they can run a monopoly like this and rip off their customers.

Thanks for the replies guys.