Walmart price scanners: I was today year's old when i found out that the app has a scanner

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Nov 17, 2019
Yeah, I read somewhere not too long ago that some stores were taking them out due to loss. Might have even been here.

Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
With modern data mining, prices could be personalized to the customer walking past.

Crazy thing that would not even be that hard to do considering most people will have their smart phone on them. It could just do some kind of proximity check to get the phone info then link it to the person via Google/Apple data.

Imagine walking by the condom aisle and the prices suddenly drop and there's a flashing ad with voice over. "Attention shopper! You now qualify for a bulk discount!".


Sep 25, 2001
Enough that it has become a big problem with the major grocery stores.

Do you "forget" a couple of items when you checkout?
self scan checkout is not an option at my stores.
and no i dont.
even if there werent cameras at self checkout, i make too much $ to steal a $1.19 can of soup.