Question VSR or equivalent for (desktop) usage on a laptop? Will we see more of this from NVidia and Intel?


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Aug 25, 2001
I'm speaking of Virtual Super Resolution, which is of course an (amazingly-useful) feature of their DDR4-using APUs and most of their recent GCN and newer dGPUs.

For example, I'm on a 3050e APU laptop with 4GB of DDR4 (fixed), on a 1080P-native LCD panel, and I have it cranked up to 4K UHD desktop res. And it works!

I'm constantly reminded of ghetto-res hell, with so many entry-level Intel-based laptops with 1366x768 res. I really wish that Intel would implement something like this feature into their drivers.

Even on a 1366x768 screen on an Athlon Zen APU, I can usually set it to 1440P desktop res. SO much better for web browsing.


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Nov 16, 2006
NV's issue is that they have to do passthrough with Intel IGPs, so a lot of there GPU feature set (like DSR) get removed outside of the actual 3d rendering of the game (I have a GTX 1050 laptop, maybe this has changed in newer generations).

Intel seems to just not care about their IGP driver stack much at all, and there really does not appear to be much impetus for a super resolution solution in the space they currently serve (super low end).