VR3 Powered Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer, VRS2.1C $25 +ship walmart.com

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    Enjoy These Features:

    * Fits today's most popular electronic devices: computers, DVD players, MP3 players, CD players and more
    * Two instantaneous peak-powered satellite speakers
    * Each speaker contains 2 magnetically-shielded midrange speakers and 1 tweeter for superior sound
    * A 6.5" vented subwoofer produces rich, deep bass with very low distortion
    * Speakers and subwoofer combined produce 90 watts of instantaneous peak system power
    * Built-in 3-channel amplifier with separate gain controls for subwoofer and satellite speakers
    * Includes all connectors for easy plug and play set-up

    Unit Specifications:

    * Bowl diameter: 11.4 inches
    * Base diameter: 10.6 inches
    * Solid base bar diameter: 0.99 inches
    * Base/ball height: 12.5 inches
    * Base/ball weight: 11.6 pounds

    Satellite Speaker Specifications:

    * Speaker case height: 10.6 inches
    * Speaker case width: 2 inches
    * Speaker case length: 3.2 inches
    * Speaker base length: 3.9 inches
    * Speaker base width: 3.3 inches
    * With speaker case in vertical position, satellite is about 11 inches high
    * Satellite weight: 1.9 pounds per satellite

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    [It would be nice if someone would tell me what kind of power this thing needs.... i see all over the nearly irrelevent details listing the sizes of this and that but cant find any trace of the manufacturers or the specs i need hope someone can answer this as i presume its likely a dead thread... i need the voltage/ amperage requirements...ac or dc ....any chance of a data sheet...thanks to anyone who takes the time to help


    I locked this thread because it is over ten years old, and a quick search finds that this product appears to be obsolete. The specs I found show that it inlcudes its own power supply that plugs into the wall.

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