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VPu recovery Error in Frycry 2


Dec 23, 2007
I'm getting so sick of my 4850. It will work great for a week, then for a week, 10 mins into FRYCRY 2 the game gets a VPU recovery Error. Play for 1 hour VPU recovery Error. Play for 3 mins VPU recovery Error then 2 mins later VPU recovery Error. It's a pain in the ass

If i turn off VPU recovery Error. I get the ati2d___ error. I have used the 8.8 and 8.9 and 8.10 drivers and 8.11 FRYCRY 2 Hotfix, all do the same thing. I always uninstall in safe mode and user driver cleaner when installing. It only hits me in games like farcry 2 not in Half Life 2 or mods

It's a ATI 4850 with a S1 cooler. It idles at 40c and i have seen it get up to 55c after 1 hour of farcry. I was thinking it might be the ram coolers i used? the ones that came with the S1. Im going to open my case and put a home fan on the card and see if it still happens. Anyone have any fixes for this.

This is my card, I know it can't be overheating. There is just no way. I just added 2 80mm fans on the card as well
I put arctic Sliver 5 on all of the chips and then added the heat sinks that came with the kit. The kit comes with 1 real long one, with open bolts to hold it down. I just cut it in half and cut the uneven side off, and I was albe to get all of my chips cooling
See Picture below, how all the chips fit that come with the kit

Fitment was a bit tight, but it works.

I have put on 2 80mm fans and now my temps are 36c idle and 47c in gaming, and FRYCARy 2 is the only game to get me VPU recovery Error

I have done the house fan directly on the card. It's don't think it's my install of the S1. I can play Half-Life 2 for hours TF2, Bully for Hours. I leave the computer on overnight, It's just FRYCRY 2. I bought the game off steam, so waiting for a update to fix this

My rig is stable, I have a enough power. I think it's software related or hardware??

Anyone else have a problem with the VPU recovery Error?


Senior member
Jul 9, 2008
No VPU messages, but in DX10 it would crash back to desktop without any message. Even capping the FPS didn't help. The only thing that worked was using DX9. Hopefully the new hotfix that should be released today will fix DX10 in this game, but I have my doubts.


Jul 11, 2008
not sure if it's related, but i recently installed 8.10 and now my hd3870 is also getting VPU recovery issues. it was fine all summer long but now i get a couple a night while playing world of warcraft (hardly gpu intensive at all) sometimes several in a row.

at least vista just blackscreens and hiccups a bit, then keeps going rather than BSOD.