Volvo EX30 - 275 miles of range for $35K


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Oct 9, 2004
Volvo unveiled the EX30 today, and I have to admit I'm excited for it. It's a compact SUV with 275 miles of EPA range on the RWD model (265 with AWD) and, importantly, a starting price of $34,950. And did I mention that the AWD model can hit 60MPH in 3.6 seconds? I have visions of smoking someone's tuner car in a green light drag race when I'm getting groceries.

My only complaints are the spartan cabin (Volvo is pulling a Model 3 and ditching the instrument cluster) and a not-so-huge rear seat area. That and you won't get a federal tax credit in the US since it'll initially be made in China. But it costs less than the Model 3 before the credit, gets slightly better range and, importantly, should have better build quality and support.

Besides, just look at it:



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Jun 15, 2000
It looks like a nice vehicle but it is also a year away from delivery. With such a lead time, price and/or spec changes are a real possibility. Plus, who knows what the competition will look like when it ships.