Voltage help: MSI K7N2-L

White Widow

Senior member
Jan 27, 2000
I recently received my K7N2-L, and I must say I really like the nforce2 chipset. Thie board, as in all nforce2 motherboards (I imagine), automatically unlocks the AthlonXP which is awesome! Even though it's "only" a TBred-A, this chips is running very happily at 166x11=1833MHz.

My problem is that although there is an option to adjust the DRAM voltage, whenever I change the defualt value and reboot, it goes back to default. Everything else works 100% and I've had no problems changing any other value and having them stick. The weird part is that initially I didn't have this problem and the DRAM voltage would stay adjusted, but after one of several CMOS clearings it became unresponsive. Is this a known problem, and is there a fix, or do I just have to wait for a new bios to address this?

I'd reall like to be able to up the voltage since the Crucial DDR I have will start flaking out around 172fsb and I'd really like to get 175 or more.