News Vivaldi Browser 2.5.1525.40 Released!


Apr 23, 2000
Changelog from 2.4 to 2.5

  • [New][Windows] Razer Chroma support
  • [New][Quick Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Select (and unselect) tab options VB-13543
  • [New][Speed Dial] Option to adjust the size VB-19288
  • [New][macOS] No context menu inside folders on bookmarks bar VB-52030
Address Bar
  • [Address bar] Turning off Typed history does not work VB-33407
  • [Address Bar] Typed search history widths are bit off VB-51950
  • [Address Bar] Sluggish with history set to forever VB-51937
  • [Address Bar] Scheme is lost when loading URL for second time VB-51547
  • [Bookmarks] Edit/Add Bookmark/Add Folder missing from bookmark context menu VB-50909
  • [Bookmarks] Bar folder menu closes after deleting bookmark via the context menu VB-51000
  • [Bookmarks] Bar menu uses the wrong icons VB-51378
  • [Bookmarks] Status bar not updated when hovering bar menu items VB-51452
  • [Downloads] Panel empty on restart VB-50546
  • [Downloads] Panel is empty if you have floating panels and toggle the sidebar panels on/off VB-51195
  • [Gestures] settings listbox reduces its size to content VB-52070
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • [Keyboard] Assigning a shortcut to an extension does work: a further fix is needed for built-in extension shortcuts VB-14668
  • [Keyboard] Make Developer Tools Element Inspector mappable VB-51267
  • [Keyboard] Untile Tabs Shortcut Does not work on a selection VB-47613
  • [Keyboard] Change strings “Move active tab left/right” for vertical tab bar VB-39916
  • [Menus] Option “View → Show status bar” does not have check icon (when enabled) VB-49481
  • [Notes] Middle click support lacking in tree VB-51075
  • [Notes] Clicking screenshot tool does not hide floating panel VB-45347
  • [Profiles] Deleting person 1 several times without closing window leaves gray window VB-49604
  • [Profiles] Implement profile icon for guest windows too VB-51160
  • [Profiles][Sync] Information in the profile icon and popup should reflect the sync information VB-51073
Quick Commands
  • [Quick Commands] Close other tabs sometimes closes active tab VB-51085
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Fix an issue with outputting -0
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Tuck item hint to right side
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Fix copied calculation string
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Allow operators and constants in calculator
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Relax filters for parser
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Allow superscript numbers as exponent
  • [Quick Commands] Show Favicon for URL VB-51240
Reader Mode
  • [Reader] Button is not shown on session restore VB-47244
Speed Dial
  • [Speed Dial] Add search engine favicon to search box VB-51081
  • [Speed Dial] Update and unify Vivaldi, Community and Help images VB-51695
  • [Sync] Add links to sites on the settings sync page VB-49123
  • [Sync] Fix the formatting of countdown component VB-51196
  • [Sync] Allow login with Vivaldi email address VB-47390
  • [Settings] Option to disable domain expansion VB-32435
  • [Settings] Strings for reader mode overflow in some languages VB-50986
  • [Tabs] Active tiled tab blinks when switching tabs VB-50220
  • [Tabs] When pushing tabs to the edge, do not pad tab stack indicators VB-51945
  • [Tabs] New tab button can react while not adding a tab VB-51436
  • [Tabs] Focus issue for zoom in tiled tabs VB-21832
User Interface
  • [UI] Vivaldi exited in full-screen starts up in full-screen VB-50083
  • [Regression] Add bookmark dialog could be displayed in the wrong place VB-51540
  • [Regression] Last “Save As” selection is not remembered VB-48113
  • [Regression] Don’t show menu items for disabled buttons VB-51696
  • [Regression] Page zoom is disabled in cloned tab in tab stack VB-51554
  • [Regression] “Add Active Tab” in bookmark folder missing VB-40035
  • [Regression] Bookmarks are gone after update VB-51758
  • [Regression] Find-in-page word counter can be overlapped by search text VB-51939
  • [Regression] Broken image capture names for some users VB-49068
  • [Regression][Address bar] The URL field is unfocused when editing if mouse is released outside of the address bar VB-51657
  • [Regression][Downloads] Icons of files not appearing if panel is already open VB-45612
  • [Regression][Extensions] Button of SessionBuddy disappears after extension added from Google Webstore VB-51446
  • [Regression][macOS] Disabling Mouse and Rocker Gestures breaks right-click on extension button VB-50637
  • [Regression][Search] %S unescaped URL parameter option does not work anymore VB-44489
  • [Windows][Linux] Favicon gets squished by close button in small tab VB-51346
  • [Windows][Linux] Toggle panel floating on button with modifier key doesn’t work: uses Ctrl-click VB-42038
  • [Linux] Dragged toolbar button disappears when canceling drag VB-51044
  • [Linux][Media] Proprietary media help is not useful on Debian systems that do not have cURL installed VB-52158
  • [macOS] Confirm dialog when closing window with several tabs not implemented VB-49217
  • [macOS] Vivaldi cannot switch language properly VB-51874
  • [macOS][Media] AVC/H.264 does not work with Media Source Extensions (MSE), if hardware acceleration is disabled VB-40546
  • Cut/Paste does not work properly between windows VB-51247
  • Upgraded Chromium to 74.0.3729.134
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