Vista/XP Dual Boot Problems


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Nov 24, 1999
Here is my HDD configuration:

Disk 0: 320GB 7200.10 Seagate:
Partition C: Windows XP (160GB)
Partition D: Storage/Data 1 (160GB)

Disk 1: 320GB 7200.10 Seagate:
Partition E: Storage/Data 2 (320GB)

Disk 2: Raptor X 150 GB:
Partition G: Vista...

I attempted to install Windows Vista Ultimate (non-upgrade) by inserting the DVD while in Windows XP. I chose drive G to install. After it supposedly copied the files to G, it rebooted and kept doing loops of rebooting. I allowed it to loop just to see if that was part of the installation for approximately 6-7 cycles. It would go up to the Windows Vista load screen then just cycle again. Then it appeared that the loop would be endless so I booted into Windows XP (there was a boot menu).

The problem now is that there are Vista installation files in my C drive (Windows XP) and there is nothing in drive G (where the installation files were supposed to be before the installation process began reboot looping). What could be the problem? Even though I selected drive G, why are the files being copied to C?

I have my important data backed up, but I am not sure how I should proceed from here. Are there problems with dual booting when the operating system are on different HDDs? Perhaps I should have just configured the BIOS to boot from CD instead of installing from XP. Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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Apr 13, 2002
Best way I found was to remove my drive which had XP on it and install Vista on the other, then put the XP HDD back afterwards. Then I used the F8 option to get the boot menu from my BIOS so I could choose which HDD to boot from. This way you can easily remove an OS without messing up the MBR.