Visiontek Geforce 3 ti 200 problems


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Jan 29, 2002
I just finished building a new system with an ECS K7S5A mb, 1.2 Duron, 256 kybte DDR 200 memory, 40 gig maxtor 7200 hd, etc, and the Visiontek GF3 ti 200 video card. I keep experiencing game lock ups, or a game will run but funny colors at certain settings. The visiontek tech people say the card likes IRQ 11 and to be there by itself except maybe for some irq pci steering such and such, but the bios, or ecs mb insists on setting other devices at the same IRQ. I can reset them in Windows safe mode, but then more problems occur, or the system reassigns them........any ideas on fixing this? How do I find out what driver version for this card do I have? I got it right out of the disc that came with the retail version. Thanks.....:)