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Virginia Primary tomorrow. Also a dozen other states.

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Jul 10, 2006
Hillary is indeed quite the liar...but when it comes to dodging sniper fire, she at least had the city, situation, and timing (mostly) correct. (Kinda like Brian Williams--the rocket hit the first helicopter, not his. ;)

Trump's version would have been that he jumped on an IED to protect 2 dozen Navy SEALs during a visit to Afghanistan (the blast being thwarted by his giant brass balls, obv)--while he actually happened to be vacationing in St Bart at that moment.

:D No doubt. But the main difference is that some people actually believe Mrs. Clinton. (Also, how exactly does one have the city, situation, and timing (mostly) correct for an event that never happened?)

As an aside, I voted this morning and the average age of the pole workers makes the Supreme Court look like a middle school field trip.

As another aside, evidently the anointing of Rubio as the establishment candidate goes back further than I suspected. Tennessee still had fifteen (!) Republican candidates on the ballot, but every single elector whose name I recognized was pledged to Rubio except Bill Frist for Jeb! Um, I mean except Bill! for Jeb! Rubio had way more electors even than Trump. Kasich had only seven electors, which left me a wee bit shy for my allotted fourteen and unfortunately, I really wasn't prepared with a "next less crazy" choice . . .