Article [Videocardz] TecLab's 'Unofficial' RTX 2080 Ti SUPER


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Sep 1, 2010
Interesting read and video:

What TecLab did was quite straightforward. They replaced eleven 16 Gbps modules from GALAX RTX 2080 SUPER and mounted them on a 2080 Ti. Since RTX 2080 Ti features 11GB (14 Gbps) memory, this project took a sacrifice from two 2080 SUPER (each with 8GB of 16 Gbps modules). But the team from TecLab is known for ‘no risk no fun’ approach, so they went ahead anyway.

Not something practical of course, but it actually worked. Must be nice to have the disposable income for modding projects like this.


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Nov 16, 2006
This is some good old fashioned modding work, props to Techlab.

A little silly that NV's top end card didn't start out with the fastest memory it could to put a bit more room between itself and the 2080 but i guess we can expect an easy ~10% performance uplift + some whenever the 2080ti super drops.