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Jun 4, 2023
Is there any software for Windows 10 that can repair corrupted videos and photos and rar archives and voice recordings and documents of office suites preferably in one package? Does there have to be a different program to repair each file type or is there 1 package for all file types?
I am using the Kruger&Matz MOVE 3 KM0425.1 phone
Model Number: MOVE3
Processor Information:
Qualcomm MSM8212
Android version:
Kernel version:
Fri Nov 20 03:28:52 CST 2015
Build number: KM_MOVE3_20112015_V2.0

It records movies in
Video: H.264/AVC 1280x720 26.769fps [English, Video 1 (H.264/AVC, High Profile, Level 1.3, 1280x720, 26.769 fps)]
Audio: AAC 44100Hz 2.0 chn 96 kbit/s [English, Audio 1 (AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2.0 chn, 16 bit, 96 kbit/s)]

but often after 15 minutes of recording the phone on the back gets very hot and the In Timestamp Camera Pro app for recording gets disabled and the video is corrupted

Recordings from this phone are blurry in some places
when he moves the phone and suddenly stops moving, it takes a second for the video to focus, but in the Roadrunner 505 Prestigio camera it is sharp right away.

Is it possible to set video recording to the H265 or H265+ codec in the Kruger&Matz MOVE 3 KM0425.1 phone?

Why do phones and the Roadrunner 505 Prestigio camera always have a much higher resolution available for photos than for videos? If I wanted to record videos in 4K resolution, I don't have the equipment for it.

When I record an H.264/AVC 1280x720 26.769fps movie in the Kruger&Matz MOVE 3 KM0425.1 phone, after 30 minutes of recording, the battery level drops from 100% to 5%. Should it be like that?

Is it possible to force this phone to record movies in 3D alvo in 360 degrees?
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