Question Video playback choppy/flashy in Linux

Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
Figured this is probably a graphics/driver issue so probably fits better here than Linux section. Basically any panning scene or scenes with lot of movement appear to "flash" and also jump, and are overall choppy. Actually makes me sick if a scene has too much movement because of that.

I recorded my screen with a camera to show what I mean:

First one is in Linux and second is in Windows.

Notice how the panning in Linux always appears like the whole scene is flashing, and it also shakes a lot.

Is there a way to make the playback better?

GPU is a Radeon RX 570
Monitor is a Asus Tuff Gaming 29" 4k monitor. (I forget exact model, and don't have physical access to look at the back)
OS is Linux Mint 20.1

In Windows the GPU is a GTX 1070 TI.

This has been driving me more and more insane over time, it's making video watching really unpleasent. Is there anything I can do to make the experience more smoother?

I've tried lowering the resolution or playing with refresh rate just to rule out any of that but it makes no difference.