Question Video Editing Storage Optimization


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May 31, 2012
Building a new x570 rig with nvme m.2 ssds, wondering about optimal SSD storage setup for video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. How is this for separating my drives out?

  1. BOOT Drive + Adobe Installations (980 Pro via CPU m2 slot, ~7000mb/s max throughput)
  2. MEDIA CACHE (970 Evo via Chipset m2 slot, this drive has ~3000mb/s max throughput)
  3. PROJECT FILES (m2 SSD? or older Samsung 850 Pro SATA SSD w/~500mb/s throughput)
  4. SOURCE FOOTAGE (h.265 files temporarily on spinner HDDs)

Here are my thoughts/questions, respectively:

1. BOOT:
Is it ok to store ADOBE INSTALLS on the same BOOT drive? Or should I have the program installs on a separate drive and not the boot?

2. MEDIA CACHE: I could considering upgrading the Media Cache SSD to a 980 Pro if the 7000mb/s speeds would help? This would then give me a spare 970 Evo to use for project files, if that would help?

3. PROJECT FILES: Do these even benefit being on (A) a separate dedicated drive and (B) an SSD vs a physical HDD? Could they be on the same media cache drive, boot drive, or otherwise? Would they be ok on an older SATA SSD, or should I have them on an m.2 SSD ideally?

4. SOURCE FOOTAGE: I am looking at (very soon) moving my edit source files to either a QNAP 8-bay RAID6 setup via 10g LAN or a USB 3.2 enclosure... *AND/OR* picking up an 8TB QLC m2 SSD for my primary active projects. I am waiting to see how well the new NVDEC gpu acceleration works on Adobe for 4K h.265 with a new RTX 3080 + 5950x system. If I can edit h.265 files ok, I may favor the QLC 8tb SSD since I won't need as much space. If I still need to transcode, then I'd favor the larger RAID6 setup with a ton of storage space for the large ProRes files.

OTHER: Is there anything else I should know about how to allocate my drives (i.e. commonly used assets and music on their own dedicated drive? etc.), or about what drive speed is actually beneficial for any of these (i.e. does an m.2 ssd VS sata ssd not matter for some of these? Does the new pcie4.0 7000mb/s throughput make any actual difference vs last gen @ 3000mb/s?)

Thanks for the help in getting my new edit rig (FINALLY) setup correctly for good throughput!