Video Editing- are there other options to a graphics card with VIVO?


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Apr 11, 2000
I want to do video editing. Both directly from a DV camera (new home movies) and from a VHS player ( old home movies). I want to capture this video, edit it, save it to DVD or VCD. If I don't use a GF4 w/VIVO or a Radion AIW what other options do I have? I was planning on a MSI 8870 GF4 Ti4200 w/128MB memory and was told it does not have VIVO. Should I get a Chaintech or Gainward TI 4200 video card w/VIVO? I want to input both analog and digital signals. Anyone have any ideas?


Jun 18, 2002
ATI's vivo is a lot better than nVidias and so is 2D... I love my gf4 but ATI beats them in sertain areas...


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Apr 24, 2000
Welcome to the world of video editing. There are cards called "video editing cards" (excuse the sarcasm).

While Radeon VIVO will satisfy your basic needs, I recommend looking
into getting a card like the Raptor RT from Canopus. Very stable and fast. But whatever choice you make, DO NOT under ANY circumstances get the DV500 by Pinnacle. It is a nightmare. If you do 80 percent DV and only very little vhs, you can get a Texas Instrument based firewire card. Or the 8500DV if you are into that "all in one" thing.

A good place to start looking is here: Electronic Mailbox

hope that helped


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Jan 7, 2001
The fire wire will only permit Dv camcorders with firewire capability. For that the Texas Instrument firewire card is great!!
if you have old videos on tapes you need a card like vivo or the ATI AIW that have an rca 3 plugs to send vid and stereo sound to the videocard to digitize, and capture to hard drive. I have both the ATI AIW 32 Radion card and the firewire card. and I have doen both kinds of cpture fine.


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Oct 9, 1999
I don't know what DV camera you have but another option is to use the analog inputs on the DV camcorder which converts the signal to DV as it passes through. Not all camcorders have that option but at least the new Canon ZR series and Sony TRVs all have that capability. The quality of the "pass-through" DV signal is better than the analog signal I can capture with my Matrox Marvel card and I believe the same is true for other consumer-grade analog capture cards.