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Video Card upgrade for Dell Optiplex 780 SFF


Junior Member
Jun 30, 2011
Hi All,

Apologies for being yet another newbie asking what is probably a dumb-a$$ question of you all.

Our corporate standard desktop machine is a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF. We've a requirement to supply a couple of upgraded machines for our Design dept, that we're migrating across from Macs. As such, they'll need a video card upgrade over the built in one to support the Adobe products they use.
I had initially tried to order seperately a nVidia GeForce 9300, as it was listed by Dell as one of the options they supply against that model. (The model we order is fixed and cannot have any changes at all made to it). Unfortunately my components supplier is now saying it's EOL.

Can anyone suggest an alternative that fits the tight requirements of the machine it's going into? I believe it has to be half-height, and not require any additional power supply, but I have no knowledge of current graphics cards to reconcile those requirements against cards.

Thanks in advance!

(I'm in the UK if that helps when posting links to cards etc.. cheers!)