Video Card for Premiere/Photoshop and some games


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Oct 18, 2012
I am building a PC whose primary use will be video/audio/photo. I have all the parts with the exception of a video card. My assumption is that in the gaming card arena the AMD cards are better than NVidia since they have superior GPU(?) numbers. Bear with me, I am just coming up to speed on all of this. :)

I do want this PC to be quiet and run cool, I understand these two things are at odds with each other but so be it. I have a Corsair Obsidian 550D case (in case that limits my card choices based on size) with a Seasonic Platinum 1000 PS. Mobo is a Asus Sabertooth X79 and I am using a hex core Sandy Bridge CPU. For the CPU I have a Corsair H100 cooler.

So, that is what I am starting with. I need to add a video card, is my assumption correct that a AMD card be better than the NVidia for Premiere/Photoshop? I think for the gaming (my kids will be gaming, me not so much) either card would do fine. With all that being said, I am leaning towards the 7970 but feel lost with all the models and versions. If the 7970 is a good (the best?) choice for me I am hoping to get some recommendations on which card to get.

The other issue is availability, I want to get this up and running this weekend and do plan on over-nighting the card (procrastination penalty), so I am hoping that whatever is recommended is in stock somewhere!

Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice. :)