Video Card Fan... dying..


Dec 11, 2000
My video card (GeForce 3) fan is on it's last leg.. It consistantly vibrates making a lotta noise, sounds like a lawn mower half the time.. :p And sometimes it just stops working. Rather than buying a new video card, which I'd rather wait a few months on, would it be plausible just to pick up a video card fan at a computer show, take the current one off, and slap the new one on top? I'm not sure how easy it is to remove a fan from a video card ... so I was wondering.


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Apr 25, 2001
I replaced a fan on my aging TNT2 Ultra with a regular CPU cooling fan. The original fan was buzzing, vibrating and stopping making all sorts of racket. I removed the fan and installed a cooling fan from a 486 cooler. I was only able to get two of the screws to bite, but it works, moves plenty of air and the system performs normally.

If you get a GPU/video cooler complete with heatsink, you can often times remove the dead one from the video card by pushing the plastic tabs from the back through the card. (Not all are held on with plastic tabs/fasteners) If our HS is glued on, I would carefully pry it off being sure not to scratch the video card. Clean the chip with denatured alcohol before applying new heatsink compound and your new cooler. Good Luck.


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Dec 12, 2001
The link below was a post here from a few weeks ago. In that post was a link to find a new fan.