Video card defaults to DVI port if cable is connected


Sep 9, 2004
My father just built a new computer for himself. He doesn't do anything other than surf the web and play cards, so he has a GeForce GT220 video card. It has a VGA and DVI port on it. With his previous computer, we had his monitor connected via VGA and we ran a long DVI cable from the DVI port to his home theater receiver. Then we could go into "display properties" and turn on dual monitors. Then watch movies on our big screen TV from the PC.

Well with this new computer, it seems that if a DVI cable is plugged into the video card at all, it defaults to outputting video through that port and nothing on the VGA port. So we can't see anything on his computer monitor. If you just unplug the DVI cable, display runs through the VGA port fine again. Obviously could just leave it unplugged and plug it in when we want to watch a movie. But it's a PITA to get behind the PC to have to do that everytime. Is there some option we can select to keep this from happening?


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Jan 10, 2006
It should work. The GT 220 supports dual-DVI, so it should support VGA + DVI. Even NVidia or ATI integrated graphics support VGA + 1 X DVI

What resolution are you using? I assume the VGA monitor is CRT.

Have you selected "Clone Mode" in the dual-monitors pane?