Via blames Nvidia for WinXP problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NFS4, Dec 5, 2001.

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    << The 686B problem was Creative's fault, and it wasn't only on VIA chipsets. The Live drivers hijacked the secondary IDE controller(by streaming null data over it) to keep it's PCI bus priority at the top. But sure, let's blame VIA. It's cool! >>

    That's funny, my sis 735 doesnt have any problems with my Sblive Value,liveware3 installed in XP & all is fine,i could not say the same when i had a via chipset.:disgust:

    Oh puhlease. You are so ridiculous that it isn't even funny anymore. You sound like such a baby trying to find EVERY reason to dog VIA. Why don't you read this article and educate yourself:

    << When using the original 4in1?s v4.29 or 4.32, only the SB Live had problems. After I transferred the files over the network, I checked the files for data corruption; mainly checking the Windows 2000 SP2 full install since it is sensitive to corruption. Out of the 6 cards tested, the SB live was the only card to cause data corruption and cause mp3?s to skip.

    There are many possible answers to why the data corruption occurs. The most common answer to the issue points to Creative to be at fault. When Creative designed the SB Live, they didn?t design it to support PCI Bus mastering, therefore when in use, the SB Live hogs the PCI bus. More can be read about this issue in WiNC?s 686B FAQ.

    When George?s PCI Latency patch is applied, data corruption doesn?t occur yet audio skipping still does. After asking people around, it seems I am not the only one to experience audio skipping with the SB Live, other users even i815 users have the same problem in Windows 2000 as well. This is known to happen on almost every chipset except the i850.

    When moving to a KT266 or i815 platform, data corruption goes away but audio skipping still occurs. This problem is mostly experienced when using WDM drivers. Creative should be able to fix the skipping problem

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    VIA could come out with the fastest, most advanced and most stable motherboard platform ever developed and yet individuals will bah like sheep and follow the ever so fashionable adage that VIA is slow, buggy and ever so unstable. Individuals like this are lacking independent thought and any reasoning to self evaluate situations on their own.
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