VGA to Component with an 8800GTS


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Sep 19, 2003
So I purchased a new Gateway P-173x laptop, that is equipped with an 8800GTS mobile graphics card. For outputs it has an HDMI out, and a VGA out.

Im trying to connect my laptop to my TV, however my TV is an older flat-tube CRT with no inputs that match my laptop. I've got S-video/RCA/component inputs on my TV.

I know its possible to take VGA and turn it into component, however im not sure which option to take.

Option A. Various different threads state that its possible to take just a cable, such as this, and directly connect the laptop to the back of the TV. However, the specifications on that particular cable state that in order for it to work your video card must support component out function through its VGA port. However, I'm not sure if this 8800GTS would work with that or not?

Option B. An item such as this listed on newegg, is a VGA to component converter that converts the signal, so regaurdless it would work i assume. However option B is almost 70 shipped while option A is 7 dollars shipped.

Will just a cable work? or do i need a converter box?

Thanks in advance!