Verizon killing unlimited data plans plus iPhone 5 news and more LTE cities

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Aug 31, 2001

see thats just excessive, just kick those people off the network entirely

no need to punish those of us that use less then 4gb on a monthly basis
Dec 26, 2007
The Charge can be rooted, but there's no ROMs yet since it's just been released.

I definitely agree on the metal > plastic, but the upside is you have a much lighter phone. The screen is better, and the battery life is better.

Yeah, the screen and battery are awesome. Along with a huge fan of the physical keys. The reviews I have read this morning show that the TB>Charge on stock in performance. Aftermarket roms could be different though obviously. I'm sure both are a step up from my Droid 1 though.

You have it backwards. The TB is rootable only because of sheer luck in the devs' stumbling across a method quickly. (The Inc S/2 still hasn't been perma-rooted.) No Samsung has a locked bootloader or system partition, so they're completely customizable out of the box. Obviously Thunderbolt development has rather a head start.

The Charge also has a better battery, screen (much better), and camera. Only downside is the slow stock filesystem, but if you're customizing any Voodoo kernel will fix that. I'd guess about a week until these are released.

Might as well wait for the Revolution, though. The LG radio might do even better for battery.

edit: TB is also cheaper, but with Amazon offering the Charge for $200 on renewal, not by that much

I had no idea on Samsung phones rootability/ROMs. I like the Charge for many reasons, but the lack of metal frame kind of sucks. Also, I'm not *due* for an upgrade until 10/19 of this year which means I can't get stuff through Amazon yet.

I plan on waiting on the Revolution provided VZW doesn't put caps in place early.
Dec 26, 2007
see thats just excessive, just kick those people off the network entirely

no need to punish those of us that use less then 4gb on a monthly basis

I tend to agree. I don't see any reason to use 20+ gb's over cell networks.

Hell, even when I had ~5-6 laptops teathered to my phone on a road trip where people were watching Netflix, playing WoW, surfing the internet, etc for about 40 total hours it STILL wasn't over 6 gb of data for the month.
Feb 19, 2001
I hope VZW pushes a 5gb plan for $25 to make AT&T change. But chances are they will tier their data differently from ATT like their 1gb for $20 right now for the iPad.

As a result, even though you might get say 5gb for $30, AT&T users will be screwed because $25 for 2gb is pretty lame. If they tier their data using different price points AND different capacities, AT&T has no reason to change. If they price equally but with a clear advantage to VZW, then AT&T might be compelled to change.

I average around 700-1.2gb a month. I am very data conscious now that I got bumped to DataPro. Youtube video upload? Oh crap lemme turn on Wifi. Wifi is nice, but I like having not to worry about turning it on and off when I'm at home. Just use 3G 24/7. After all my upload speeds of 1.5mbps aren't too far off from my Comcast's 2mbps.


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Jun 4, 2000
Did your friend happen to learn how to tether on Oct 2010?

Even with tethering, you have to be really be on 24/7 using only 3G network to get 20GB+

I'm tethering about 5-6 hours a day, and for the month, I average about 3-4 gb. (I pay for unlimited 30$ though)


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Sep 6, 2007
Hmm I'm eligible for an upgrade but I've been holding off because I'm a cheap bastard. Hopefully we will find out about the plans a few days before they launch so I can use my upgrade if the terms on the tiered plans are bad.


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Apr 15, 2007
VZN will probably figure out a way to abolish unlimited data when you move to LTE.


Jun 23, 2001
I suppose this was inevitable with the amount of people trying to make their tethered smartphone their primary home internet connection...

I don't think this number is very high at all. Smartphone tethering is for the quick and dirty internet connection on the laptop and business use. Someone savvy enough to know what tethering is isn't going to want to basically shut their Internet at home off every time they aren't home.

Did your friend happen to learn how to tether on Oct 2010?

My first thought was that they got a Netflix account.


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Sep 13, 2007
Yea I saw that. Can't you just dl google maps and search?

Anyway, matters not. Ordered an HTC TB this afternoon.

I thought they still had Google Maps, and Bing was just for search?

I actually like Bing it's still stupid for them to take a google based OS and make bing the default search engine.

I need to get on the ball and get switched over before the caps start.