Question Vandal Switch installation


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Dec 16, 2020
I'm having troubles installing a Vandal Switch (momentary) with LED. I have an Asus B550-I mb and I've attached a copy of the headers from the manual. I got the LED part ok but can't seem to get the power on. I've tried just about every combination between NC, NO and C with the mb's headers and the best I'm able to get when I press the power button is 2-3 seconds of power and then it shuts off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Aug 25, 2001
The "Vandal switch" as you call it, is referred to as CI, "Chassis Intrusion". It's a two-pin header, that is normally connected to a switch that is normally open, but closed when mechanically secured (I think)? Anyways, there's usually a BIOS enable that has to be done, to enable it, and then, if the case is opened, the switch activates a register in CMOS or in the LPCIO chipset or somewhere, and ... I've never messed with it, so I don't know what happens next. I assume Windows DMI / WMI can read the switch, don't know if there a specific Windows Power Management message that gets sent to apps or drivers if the CI is triggered, or just a BIOS setting that can be read out next time the system boots.

Look for a header labeled "CI" on the mobo, it's not part of the Front_Panel_IO header that you have pictured.