V60i (CDMA) thoughts.


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Jan 18, 2001
I just got this V60i today from Verizon. I'm not sure if I like the software as much as I was hoping. It seems a little more difficult to use this phone compared to my old V8162. I feel like I could do things much faster on the V8162 compared to the V60i. My most major gripe thus far is that I can't list my phonebook by name and then have multiple icons (for different numbers like Home/Cell/Work) per name. Instead on the V60i I get a list of names and repeated listings for different icons under each name so it takes longer to scroll through names.

Also, I may have seen a bug in the software. I missed a call and attempted to access the Received Calls list and the phone didn't do anything. I tried accessing the Dialed Calls list and the phone didn't do anything again. After I rebooted the phone, accessing the lists was no problem.

I hope I don't have to bring it back to Verizon to get the firmware updated or anything.

Well, just my thoughts. I wish Cingular were a better carrier so I could get the GSM version of the V60i, it's honestly a better phone because of it's ability to do the newer features like the Java and GRPS.