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Jan 14, 2001
In its history UT has been one of my favorite games? I downloaded the demo and well have been unimpressed. The graphics seem more cartoonish than before and i hate some of the changes they have made to the vehicles. Also you'll have a tough time finding a server to join with the demo. They seemed to get rid of some of the best weapons (unless they are not available in the demo) like the homing rocking launcher). The raptor also didn't seem to have a homing missle like it used to. Please tell the the full version is a lot better than the demo.



Aug 26, 2007
the demo is only a beta so the full game is better but everyone here disses it like mad. I don't know what you mean by the graphics being cartoonish though. try playing tf2.
Oct 30, 2004

Epic did an awful job with the Demo. However, the user interface and server browser are close to what you saw in the Demo, though Epic is working on improving it with patches. The UT3 game play itself is actually very good and Warfare is a tremendous amount of fun--it's everything else that surrounds the game play that's awful. Epic really screwed up with the consolized user interface and server browser, and they're taking lots of flak and having low PC sales as a result. (Of course, they're writing it off to people's playing on consoles now and not PCs, in spite of the fact that other PC games like Team Fortress 2 and WoW are doing well.)


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Dec 31, 2004
Yep, they are justifying their fuckups by claiming people are moving to consoles. The funny part is the self fulfilling prophecy they are making. I will be moving to consoles at the end of the year. Forces Unleashed, Resident Evil 5, Grand Turismo 5, Burnout Paradise and eventually UT3 in the bargain bin. What is not to like about the future of consoles. I will have to finally get used to using the bloody controllers for FPS.

Its a shame too because I love my PC. Oh well it will be an EVE Online box and thats that.