Using Cinema Display as Hub for External HD/iTunes

Discussion in 'All Things Apple' started by NakaNaka, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, quick question.

    I tried to use my Airport Extreme as a USB hub for my external hard drive, where I keep my itunes library with my music/movies/etc. Unfortunately, it did not work. When I would open iTunes on my computer the links to the files would not work (even though it could see the HD and what the files were), and my AppleTV also couldn't find the files even though it could when it was plugged in to the computer. I did some googling and it turns out this is a common problem with no easy solution.

    I'm thinking of getting a cinema display. My question is if I plug my external HD which would have my itunes library, would my macbook air and apple tv be able to find those files, or do you think I would run into the same problem as when I plugged the external HD into the router.

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    It's odd that the Airport Extreme route didn't work. By all means it should have; it simply creates a network share from the disk.

    Anyhow, if you go with the Cinema Display, it should work. But only the Mac plugged into the display (and by extension, the HDD) will be able to see the files on that disk.