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Using 1 flash drive for backup image and restore tools?


Oct 17, 2016
Most programs that can clone a whole system drive as an image for backup, require the use of another flash drive to run a repair program from (tends to be a live environment). The backup image and the repair program can't be on the same flash drive. You boot to a live environment, and then select the backup image from another media to restore the system. But is it possible to have the backup image and restore tools on the same flash drive? Are there any backup programs that can produce this? I will be travelling soon and don't want to take 2 flash drives, therefore if I could have everything on one flash drive that would be better for me.


Golden Member
Dec 12, 2010
I do not see why the image cannot be stored on the PE drive. Are you familiar with Macrium ? The limitation to my knowledge is that you cannot enter a location for the stored image that is in any of the partitions included in the Image. That makes sense. But otherwise , it should work.

Save the image to the Rescue Environment Drive. When visiting the new computer, chose the image and restore to the target drive .

I fail to see what you hope to accomplish though : the image will be from a different hardware configuration and will not likely boot this second machine.