USB problem in COD4 driving me crazy..HELP!


Sep 24, 2007
I have this chronic problem everytime I play COD4.

I am assuming it is a USB problem since my mouse and keyboard begin acting wierd.

What happens is some of my assigned keys stop working about half way through a game.

If I reconnect it fixes itself but then happens again a few minutes later.

I have tried a new mouse and keyboard, changed motherboards, reformatted, set my PCI to 100 in BIOS, reinstalled the game, and troubleshot trying to use the process of elimination till I am blue in the face.

I am totally stumped as to what this could be.

My PSU is a Galaxy 850, Mouse is Logitech G5 (USB) keyboard is Saitek USB, motherboard :Asus Maximus Formula, CPU: Q6600, VC 8800GT, Cooling is no problem and all drivers are the latest, BIOS is the latest, etc...

I have changed all my parts to different parts numerous times and still get the same problem.

Any ideas??