USB or Ethernet DSL modem? Plz help need to deceide soon

El Norm

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Oct 29, 1999
I am sighning up for Pacbell DSL and they offer an option between USB and Ethernet DSL modems, i was wondering what were the options of having Ethernet. I picked USB but now i'm thinking it was a mistake and i probably was gonna hve trouble using it on linux and any other operating system that pacbell didn't make drivers for. If i go with Ethernet is there a way to connect the modem and be on a network at the same time? or is the only way u can connect to the modem is directly to it with a hub or anything between it?


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Nov 15, 1999
When I got my dsl, they offered me a choice too. Basically, if you're running win9x, they give you usb by default. Everything else gets ethernet. Since win2k is still new, they assumed it was the same as win9x and gave me usb. I told the installer that I wanted ethernet. He called the isp, told them I changed my mind, gave me a static IP, and everything's good. I guess usb gets dynamic IP. Static IP costs $5, but they waived that cuz they messed up my order for ethernet.
Besides IP, I didn't want to use my USB ports. They're disabled. But that's a personal thing.
Ethernet has rj45 port, which's needed if u want a firewall or router. I'm getting a router soon and am glad that I requested ethernet.
Hope this helps you out. I know I didn't answer your question. Sorry.


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Jan 31, 2000
Get the EthernetDSL....that way you can link your modem to router which can be run into hub/switch, if you wanna setup a home network.


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Jun 7, 2000
I also agree you should go with ethernet... And to answer your original question, all you need is another NIC (provided you have another free PCI/ISA slot) to connect to a network and be on DSL at the same time... one NIC for DSL, the other for the LAN...